The Freedom Experience with Jean Moncrieff

The Freedom Experience with Jean Moncrieff

Hosted by: Jean Moncrieff

Build a business that thrives without you and discover the freedom you dreamt of creating as an entrepreneur.

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Why we procrastinate and how to beat it as you scale your business

Episode #18

Procrastination has plagued us since the dawn of time. In this episode, I share some insights on understanding why we procrastinate and tips for taming your procrastination demons. If you enjoy this episode and it...
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How Marketing Is Key To Your Exit Strategy

Episode #17

When it comes time to sell your company, marketing will play a bigger role than you might suspect. In this episode, I share how marketing is key to your exit strategy and how it demonstrates the potential for scale to...
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What To Think About When You Think About Exiting

Episode #16

Haruki Murakami writes, “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional”. If you aren’t careful, suffering can lead you to a premature exit. In this episode I reflect on some of the thoughts I’ve had since selling my...
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Your Unique Ability Is Your Differentiator, And Your Company’s Too

Episode #15

With so many “me too” businesses out there, finding your ‘uniqueness’, has never been more important. It’s essential for building a sustainable competitive advantage and the foundation of a great business. In this...
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Should I use a broker to sell my business or go it alone?

Episode #14

So, if you are thinking about selling your business. You’ve seen the websites for the big, national brokers, but you’ve also heard some horror stories from friends about their experiences. The right broker can make...
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Stop Putting The Lead Generation Cart Before The Strategy Horse

Episode #13

Most business owners I talk to recognize that the future of their business depends on a clear strategy, but equally, most of them can’t see the forest for the trees. In this episode, I share five ideas for simplifying...
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How To Build A Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Episode #12

Building a sustainable competitive advantage for your business gives you a killer advantage in your chosen industry. In this episode, I talk about where most business owners get stuck and share techniques you can use...
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I Can't Rely On My People To Run My Business...What Should I Do?

Episode #11

Any advice on how to make sure my business continues to run while I'm away? Sure, build a systems-dependent business. In this episode, I share a 7-step approach to building systems and implementing them in your...
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Four Strategies For Building Value In Your Business

Episode #10

So today's episode is about four magic strategies that can change everything in your business. I call them the CORE-4 (not very creative, I know). Anyway, these are four strategies you can focus on to increase your...
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How To Avoid An Earnout

Episode #9

In this episode, I tackle the question: How do you avoid an earnout. I was talking to the owner of an online gaming business the other day and one of his big concerns was: when we sell, how long will I have to work...
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How To Go From Owner to CEO

Episode #8

How do I go from owner-operator to CEO? How do I go from a one-man show to owning a company with a team capable of running the business without me? How do I transition from an adolescent business to a mature...
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How To Build A Successful Leadership Team

Episode #7

Building a strong leadership team is one of the most important things you can do to drive up the value of your business. One of the biggest fears buyers have when buying a business is that they will effectively end up...
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