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What is Metronomics?

The Metronomics Framework is a powerful coaching program designed specifically for CEOs and Leadership Teams like yours. Developed by Shannon Susko, Metronomics is your key to transforming your business, stimulating growth, and fostering a high-performing team.

The Metronomics business operating system is a combination of three components:

  1. Documented playbook for CEO+Leadership teams
  2. Metronomics Certified Coach to guide companies on their growth journey
  3. Open Playing Field software platform to reinforce the habits required to exceed growth targets consistently year-over-year

We see companies using Metronomics consistently grow 30% or more year-over-year. 

Metronomics - Grow with Ease, Speed, Confidence from Metronomics on Vimeo.

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Metronomics Overview with Shannon Susko...

In this webinar, CEO and founder Shannon Susko will walk you through everything you need to know about Metronomics!


Jean Moncrieff

Jean Moncrieff is not your average coach. He's a seasoned entrepreneur who's been in the trenches, faced the struggles, and emerged victorious. With over three decades of experience, Jean has been instrumental in taking early-stage and high-growth  companies from £0 to £10M and even £50M, leading to multiple successful funding rounds and exits. 

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What is Metronomics

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