The Freedom Experience with Jean Moncrieff

The Freedom Experience with Jean Moncrieff

Hosted by: Jean Moncrieff

Build a business that thrives without you and discover the freedom you dreamt of creating as an entrepreneur.

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The One Thing They Don't Teach You In Business School

Episode #6

Your relationship with your business plays a critical role in the value of your company. However, nurturing a positive relationship is not something they teach in business schools...or many other places for that...
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The 1-Hour Workweek

Episode #5

What would have to be in place so that if you only have one hour a week to speak to someone in your business, in that hour you’re able to uncover enough about the business to know what’s working and what’s not...
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Why Chasing Revenue Doesn't Increase Business Value (And What Does)

Episode #4

Want to increase your business value? Well, there's gold hidden in your intangible assets. Most of us equate increasing business value with making more sales. But more deals into a rickety business is a recipe for...
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Dealing With Business Exit Overwhelm

Episode #3

Switching gears from chasing revenue to creating a valuable business can feel overwhelming. A positive mindset goes a long way to helping you cope with the overwhelm associated with preparing your business for an exit...
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5 Signs Your Business Is Dependent On You

Episode #2

Do you feel like you’re being held captive by your business? Maybe you feel like you need to be at the centre of every decision, or that every customer wants to deal with you directly, or that you're the only...
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Reasons your business needs a subscription model

Episode #1

If you’re looking for ways to increase the value of your largest asset, then this episode is for YOU! Learn six reasons why a subscription model can add value to your business.
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