Desperate CEO

The CEO's Dilemma: Finding Your Path to Business Momentum

business coaching business operating systems growth leadership metronomics Dec 14, 2023

Ever found yourself in that place where you're hustling non-stop, pouring everything into your business, yet it feels like you're running in place? 

Yeah, I know that feeling too.

You've pretty much become a strategy encyclopedia, haven't you? Attending every seminar, nodding along at roundtables, absorbing every bit of wisdom from peers. But despite all this, your business seems stuck in neutral.

Shannon Susko nailed it with the term 'Desperate CEO'. 

Sounds a bit dramatic, but it's spot on. It's like being at a crossroads where you've tasted success, but now, growth's hit a pause, new leads are trickling in rather than flowing, and you're up against this invisible barrier.

This is more common than you'd think. Many CEOs and entrepreneurs find themselves in this exact spot, wrestling with stagnation. You toss and turn at night, mulling over whether your business model needs a total revamp or if your marketing playbook is outdated.

Then comes the second-guessing game. Is your product or service still hitting the mark? Has the market outgrown what you offer? And the biggest gut punch – questioning your own leadership. Doubt starts to set in, whispering those unsettling 'what ifs.'

But here's the thing – this path you're on, it's one I've tread before. Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster, right? Peaks, valleys, and sometimes, long stretches of flat track. 

My own journey's been a mosaic of hurdles and triumphs. It's shown me the power of adaptability, strategic thinking, and finding that sweet spot between growth and sustainability.

So, remember, you're not in this alone. That gnawing frustration when everything's seemingly aligned, yet growth's on a freeze? Been there, seen that. It's a tough phase, where the initial rush of success collides with realities like market shifts and changing consumer tastes.

Kickstarting Momentum with Metronomics

Ever heard of Metronomics? It might just be the game-changer you need. Think of it as a fusion of various growth methodologies into one powerhouse Business Operating System designed to catapult your business toward the success you've been dreaming of.

Transitioning from the 'Desperate CEO' phase to a state of dynamic business growth is all about momentum – and that's exactly where Metronomics comes in. 

This isn't just about adopting disparate strategies; it's about energizing your business with interconnected systems that work harmoniously to build and maintain momentum. 

Metronomics is the catalyst that transforms stagnant growth (and potentially terminal decline) into a MOMENTUM... guiding you away from the frustrations of stagnation and towards a path of sustainable growth and renewed confidence in your leadership.

The Seven Systems of Metronomics

  1. Strategic System: This isn't just about setting goals. It's about crafting a vivid, comprehensive strategy that charts your business's course. Imagine it as your company's GPS, steering every decision and action.

  2. Execution System: Alignment is key here. This system meshes your team's efforts with your strategic vision. It's about ensuring everyone knows their role and how it interlinks with the broader picture, fostering accountability and efficiency.

  3. Cash System: The lifeline of your business – financial health. This system ensures a steady, healthy flow of finances, so you've got the resources to grow and pivot when necessary.

  4. Culture System: The soul of your business is its culture. Here, the focus is on cultivating an environment that motivates and upholds your team, creating a sense of belonging and dedication to your collective ambitions.

  5. Coach System: Shift from traditional management to a coaching mindset. This approach empowers you to guide your team in honing their skills and aligning their personal advancement with the business's triumphs.

  6. Human System: Your team is your most valuable asset. This system centres on engaging and nurturing them, ensuring their well-being and satisfaction, which in turn fuels productivity and loyalty.

  7. Cohesive System: No facet of your business operates in a vacuum. This system is about harmonizing all areas of your business, ensuring they operate cohesively and effectively towards your unified goals.

Vorum's Leap from Good to Great with Metronomics

When Carl Saunders was at the helm of Vorum Research Corp, a prosthetic and orthotic device industry pioneer, he hit a plateau after a 25-year sprint. 

It's a classic scene where success meets a standstill. But then, enter Metronomics, flipping the script on Vorum's growth story. The goal? A daring leap from $5 million to $8 million in annual revenue. It wasn't just a number; it was a mission to magnify Vorum's global impact and reach more lives.

With Metronomics in the mix, Vorum's journey became a masterclass in syncing financial ambition with global reach. It's like setting the rhythm to a new beat, one where every tick of revenue growth resonated with the increasing use of their life-changing technology. 

And what do you know? 

In just three years, Vorum didn't just hit the target; they soared past it, turning that $8 million goal into a reality and setting a new benchmark in their industry.

This chapter in Vorum's tale, culminating in Carl's successful exit in 2020, is more than just a business success story. It's a testament to the transformative power of strategic goal-setting and operational harmony. It's about a company not just chasing numbers but aligning its heart and soul with its business objectives, all thanks to the magic touch of Metronomics.

Escaping Stagnation: The Metronomics Journey

By embracing these seven systems, you're not just avoiding stagnation but gearing up to conquer it. It's about stepping out of the 'Desperate CEO' shadow and into a realm of continual, sustainable success.

Imagine vaulting over that stubborn revenue barrier, be it $5 million, $10 million, or $20 million, and steering your business into a phase of enduring growth.

This journey from feeling stagnant to achieving lasting business success is tough but entirely within your grasp. Metronomics offers a transformative approach to realign and propel your business forward.

Your Next Move

Want to gauge where your business currently stands and pinpoint focus areas? The scalability scorecard is your go-to. This tool provides a clear snapshot of how well your business aligns with the Metronomics system.


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