Am I positioning my product, my company or both?

marketing Feb 05, 2023

Positioning a single company, single product:

If your company has a single product, positioning the company and the product as the same thing is the easiest path to establishing a brand… think Slack. In this case, I strongly recommend focusing on your product and putting your energy into marketing and selling that.

You have multiple products:

In this case, you need to consider product and company positioning as separate, but highly linked things.

So the follow-on question: Which do I tackle first? Individual product positioning or company positioning?

The answer, at least in part, depends on how much revenue comes from selling a single product versus multiple products and partly your sales process.

If most customers encounter your company through purchasing a particular product, I’d position that product first.

If you mainly sell a group of products together, I’d position the company first and worry about how much to focus on positioning products individually later.


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