Leaps and Legacies

Mar 12, 2024

I recently had the unique opportunity to attend "Leaps and Legacies," an inspiring networking event in Cape Town, South Africa.

Hosted by BizVal and Geddes Capital, this event was unique in that it was scheduled on the rare day that graces our calendars only once every four years ... a Leap Year.

The event was a celebration of entrepreneurial storytelling, where the leaps we take as entrepreneurs were intertwined with the lasting legacies we aim to create.

Set against the backdrop of Laude Classic Cars’ iconic showroom, the event was a vivid reminder of the power of legacy – each vintage car telling its own story of innovation and endurance.

Product Launch

Storytelling is a strategic tool...

Storytelling, as I was reminded, is not just an art but a strategic tool for entrepreneurs. It's about more than recounting events; it's about forging connections through vulnerability, sharing personal triumphs and trials, and illustrating the tangible impacts of your brand.

Authentic narratives build trust, establish credibility, and create genuine relationships with your audience.

Throughout the evening, we heard entertaining and inspiring stories from Murray Clark from NeighbourgoodGeorgina Visser and Rob Visser from Dalewood Fromage, and Craig Newborn from PayJustNow.

And, as we delved into their entrepreneurial journeys, our experience was beautifully complemented with a selection of local wines, making each narrative more memorable and enhancing the storytelling with a unique sensory dimension.

Entrepreneurial journeys...

Murray and Craig began their entrepreneurial journeys in the under-eighteen nightclub scene in Durban before following different paths.

Murray pursued his passion for property development, something he attributes to his mentor and father, while Craig jetted of to The Gambia where he convinced the Minister of Finance that he could help him recover lost tax revenue ... for a 50/50 recovery split. 

He went on to recover billions across multiple countries on the continent before selling the business!

Rob on the other hand is a cheese maker, and he spoke to the importance of family in business. He shared how his wife's strong business acumen was essential to their early success and how their two daughters have recently lent their expertise to the branding and communication mix.

Murray Clark

In light of the changes going on in the world around us, Murray Clark, the visionary behind Neighbourgood, poses a compelling question:

 "What does it take to build a thriving neighbourhood?"

 He believes the answer lies in the inherent power of community, diversity, and collaboration.

 Murray and his team are on a mission to rejuvenate neighbourhoods, fostering "intentional communities" where members can access various Neighbourgood locations and engage in community events and activations. 

Yet, despite their noble intentions, convincing banks and investors to embrace their business model's hybrid and flexible nature has proven to be a significant hurdle.

 Nonetheless, with Murray's unwavering belief in his vision, his team commitment, and their shared mission, they have overcome many of these obstacles to create a global business ... and shine as a beacon of hope and determination for other African entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurial reflections: lessons in humility and impact

These entrepreneurs share a profound humility and a united desire to make a genuine impact.

Their stories, rich with personal and professional insights, highlight key lessons for all entrepreneurs:

Teams: Understanding the value of cohesive teams is paramount. The synergy within a team can fuel the success of any entrepreneurial venture.

Systems: Rob from Dalewood Fromage compares business to an engine with many moving parts, underscoring the importance of robust systems for smooth operations.

Consumer Trust: Craig Newborn of PayJustNow emphasizes the necessity of resonance between consumers and products. Trust is crucial; your product must deliver on its promises.

And in case you're wondering about my favourite wines:

🍷 Taaiboasch Crescendo 2019

🍷 Constantia Glen FIVE


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