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Lead Generation ain't your only Growth Lever

growth leadership Jan 20, 2023

You're busy. Always hustling, trying to grow your business. And generating leads is important to that growth. But it's not the only way to increase revenue. There are other "growth levers" you can use to bring in more money. So if you're feeling frustrated with your current lead gen efforts, take heart – here are 6 other options for growing your business.

Lead Gen and Six Other Powerful Growth Levers...

Lead Generation

Lead generation is essential for any business trying to increase profits. Common lead gen strategies include marketing campaigns, marketing automation, paid media campaigns, etc. But it's also important to recognize that effective lead generation is just one component of a complete strategy for increasing revenue.

It may be worthwhile to explore other possible ‘growth levers’ such as upselling & cross-selling, nurturing existing customers with loyalty programs, or diversifying marketing channels - all of which have the potential to be highly beneficial and help move the needle on your bottom line.

Distribution Channels

Distribution channels can be a great way to boost your bottom line – if you use them optimally! But don't just stick with the typical agents and resellers – get creative and explore other avenues, such as partners and affiliates. With a bit of proper planning, distribution channel diversification could really help take your sales revenue to the next level.

Taking the time to think through how each distribution channel could maximize your revenue means making sure you’re taking full advantage of every opportunity available. Once you lay out different strategies for each distribution channel, you'll be able to pinpoint the opportunities that could really help move the needle on your success.


Referrals are a fantastic way of increasing revenue for a business. After all, who better to tell others about the benefits of using your products and services than an existing customer?

I got to tell you. When a business owner tells me their customers don't give case studies or testimonials, it raises a big red flag. Moreover, a quick scan of their top competitors always reveals customer success stories. Customers who aren't willing to offer a testimonial aren't referring you to their peers.

Not only do they cost significantly less than traditional advertising tactics, but having existing customers spread the word about your product or service carries more weight. A customer speaking from experience will always be more believable and influential than most forms of marketing, plus it creates customer loyalty.

So, if your business isn't already investing in customer satisfaction or leveraging customer referrals, now is the time to start – and referrals go hand in hand with the next lever.

Customer Retention

Keeping customers around means delivering value; retention is as important – if not more important – than customer acquisition. Retention of customer relationships promotes long-term sustainable growth. But to retain customers, you must be proactive in determining customer needs and delivering value beyond expectations.

Being proactive in recognizing customer needs and providing creative solutions lets customers know you care about them and that you are invested in their success. This kind of customer service will build customer loyalty and help you retain customers in the long run.

Ultimately, customer retention leads to increased revenue and loyal customer relationships, forming a solid foundation for business growth.

Cross-sell & Upsell

Increasing revenue for your business doesn't have to stop at generating leads - cross-selling and upselling offer another great way to maximize profits.

Cross-selling is the process of offering customers additional products or services related to their original purchase. For example, adding an in-flight meal when buying a plane ticket.

Upsell involves prompting customers to upgrade their current product or service for an upgraded version with additional features, faster delivery etc.

By utilizing cross-selling and upselling in tandem, businesses can significantly boost their overall revenues without attracting more leads than before. It’s definitely something worth considering if you’re looking for creative ways to increase your earnings!


Price increases can be an effective way to grow revenue, but they should not be the only tactic a business has in its arsenal. Understanding customer preferences, targeting new markets, and expanding distribution channels are all valid strategies that can help bring in more money than price hikes alone. With careful research and experimentation with different price points and structures, there's room for dramatic improvements in any company's financial performance.

Marketing & Sales Efficiency

Marketing and sales alignment is essential to growth. Sales teams need to use every advantage they can get to stay ahead of the competition. Building a robust sales and marketing engine can help you increase the lead conversion ratio and turn leads into sales. Modern sales and marketing tools deliver a data-driven approach that allows your sales team to identify the best prospects, craft strategic campaigns, monitor sales performance, and evaluate success in real-time. Not only will this reduce customer acquisition costs, it will also get customers engaged more quickly with sales teams equipped for long-term success.

Closing thought...

While lead generation should always be a key focus for businesses, it's not the only way to grow revenue. Increasing sales through existing customers and referral business are also essential pieces of the puzzle. By examining all seven of these growth levers, you can find new areas of opportunity for your business - regardless of what stage in the journey you're currently in.


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