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Learn the 5 Steps to Strategic Execution and map a clear pathway to realising your 3 Year Highly Achievable Goal (3HAG).


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Learn the proven methodology behind the Metronomics Compound Growth System and kick off your growth journey.

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Team Coaching

For CEOs and Leadership teams wanting to grow their business by 30% plus year-over-year and maximise company value.


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If you're ready to accelerate the growth and maximise the value of your business, then you're in the right place.

Here's how my team and I can support you with this:

  • CEO + Leadership Team Coaching - A dynamic business operating system that will help you scale up your business with ease, speed and confidence.

  • Value Creation -¬† A system for¬†maximizing the value of your most valuable asset, your business.¬†

Hey, friend!

I'm Jean Moncrieff, the Business Team Coach to entrepreneurs and CEOs. I am passionate about helping business owners to thrive and prosper and on a mission to serve one million business owners by 2030.

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I spent 20 years scaling companies across three continents and navigating multiple exits. Then, in 2014, I hung up my entrepreneurial gloves to coach high-performing business teams to scale their businesses and increase their company value.

But it wasn't always like this...



Emerge to Exit Blueprint ‚ĄĘ (E2EB)

A comprehensive, step-by-step guide to transform your business, unlock its full potential, and navigate towards a life-altering exit.

Vision & Valuation

Define your end goal. Assess the current value of your business and your target exit number.

Leadership & Systems

Strengthen the core of your business for independent operation and growth.

Scalability & Growth

Implement an operating system to streamline operations for efficiency and scalable growth.

Maximization & Preparation

Leverage key drivers to boost business value, readying it for sale by assembling a deal team.

Finish Big

Execute a successful, high-value exit strategy with expert guidance.

Legacy & Transition

Facilitate a smooth transition to post-exit life, ensuring legacy and personal fulfillment.

How We Can Work Together

At Emerge, we aim to meet you where you're at along your entrepreneurial journey. To that end, we've designed programs that allow you to dive in where you feel most comfortable.

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Emerge & Exit Assessment‚ĄĘÔłŹ

In just 5 minutes, evaluate your company's exit strategy and identify key areas to boost your exit value. You'll receive a customized PDF report with specific insights for your business.


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"Jean has played an instrumental role in helping us. I can honestly say he was as invested and available as our full-time team members. His knowledge of business and marketing make him a great asset to the growth of any business".

- Chris Wiegand, CEO




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