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The Emerge & Exit Accelerator 

A 12-month coaching program to help you Scale & Exit your business for Maximum Value.


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Why this is important...

Did you know that only 2 out of 10 businesses listed for sale will ever sell?

It's true. According to the Exit Planning Institute, statistics show that only 20 to 30% of businesses that go to market actually sell. That leaves a whopping 80% of business owners without solid options to harvest their wealth and ensure intergenerational wealth. 

In other words, despite their early success or how long they've been in business, even good companies with rapid growth still plateau and fail.

But their story doesn't have to be your story...

One of the biggest misconceptions is that scale and value of a business are soley based on sales revenue – that's simply not true. The value of your business is linked to achieving several key elements:

#1: Removing Overdependence – A business should never be overdependent on a single customer, employee, supplier, and especially not the owner.

#2 Recurring Revenue – A steady stream of guaranteed income allows you to step away from your business and know that revenue will continue flowing in while you’re away. 

#3 Scalable Systems –Businesses built on processes are easier to run, more profitable, and sell for a higher price.

A business that lacks one or more of these elements will get stuck, leaving the owner frustrated and failing to attract an acquirer.

We have curated three flagship sprints in the Emerge & Exit Accelerator to address these key elements and help you build a valuable business asset.

Program breakdown...

The Exit Journey

An overview of the Exit Journey and how to navigate the process.


Find clarity on what you ultimately want from your business.


Create a long-term vision for your business and a 3-year plan to support it.


How to build a high-performing leadership team capable of executing your strategy.

Strengthen Systems

Ensure the core systems are in place to scale your business.


Consistently execute and iterate against your strategic plan.

Value Maximisers

The nine levers you can pull to substantially increase the value of your business.

Profit Up

Focus on maximising the profitability of your business.

Types of Acquirers

Understand the types of acquirers, their motivations, and the pros and cons of selling to each.

Exit Team

Assemble a kick-ass deal team to help you close the best possible deal.

Finish Big

How to exit your business on your terms for maximum value.

Momentum Coaching

Weekly 1:1 coaching in a group mentorship setting.

Who is the Emerge & Exit Accelerator For?

Business Owners

Who have established businesses and are looking to find momentum, scale up, and increase their business value.


Seeking to create a sustainable and scalable business model that can operate with minimal input from the founder.


Preparing for an exit event, who want to maximise their business value before the exit.

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WARNING: This accelerator is for established businesses with revenues of between $1 million and $50 million who want to build momentum, increase company value and maximise the business value in anticipation of an exit.

What people say about Jean Moncrieff


I was part of the last one you organised and got a lot of valuable ideas and insights. It’s a great kick off for any enerepreneur working on growing their business. 🔥🔥🔥

Andrei S.

A great session this morning - thank you!

David H.

Jean has vast knowledge and hands-on experience of the business world and I recommend him to anyone seriously looking to upskill themself or their team

Martin B.

Thank you Jean for all the invaluable advice you have shared with me and for the instrumental role you have played in helping me grow my business.

Nicky W.

Jean's Business Exit Formula opened my eyes to a completely new way of running a business. These very practical and value-added guidelines can be life-saving for those struggling to survive or grow to a new level. I truly appreciate the content of this course, which obviously is boiled down to its essence through years of running and mentoring businesses. Only someone who has been through it all can give you such effective and straightforward answers!

Eve F.

I've had coaching from  Jean Moncrieff, and he is fantastic; this will be well worth attending!

Rachel B.

After working with Jean I walked away with practical ideas that I could immediately implement and a clear framework to follow.

Jean is able to get to the heart of the issue, ask the right questions to diagnose what is wrong and help you see the bigger picture.

Elena L.

Jean has played an instrumental role in helping us. I can honestly say he was as invested and available as our full-time team members. His knowledge of business and marketing makes him a great asset to the growth of any business

Chris W.

Jean made an immediate impact on our organization!

Michael C.

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